A Thanksgiving of Quiet Reflection

25 Nov 2020

A Thanksgiving of Quiet Reflection

This year’s Thanksgiving celebrations will look very different from years past. The gatherings will be smaller, the mood less festive, and the cranberry sauce just a little less sweet. In Rhode Island and in many other states, the rising number of COVID-19 cases has necessitated tighter restrictions and more cautionary measures. Still, Thanksgiving has always been a time of joy and reflection, and this year that is perhaps more important than ever.

While the pandemic has touched all of us in deep ways, we can be grateful for the hard work of the outstanding medical professionals that staff our hospitals, urgent care facilities, primary care offices, senior living facilities, and day centers. These exemplars have put their lives in harms way to save others. They are the reason that many once afflicted patients are still here to have Thanksgiving at all. From the CNA keeping patients safe at home to the nurse in the hospital ICU, every healthcare worker should be thanked for their service.

Here at PACE-RI, we always celebrate Thanksgiving with our participants. This year has been challenging, but we are determined to give joy and thanks in any way we can. We sent baskets of Thanksgiving food to our home care recipients who don’t have family to celebrate with, and we hosted a Thanksgiving meal in the day center for participants and staff. These are small gestures, but they can do a lot to raise someone’s spirits when they are isolated or feeling down.

For many families, this will be the first Thanksgiving spent apart in recent memory. Hope is on the horizon, however, and with continued precaution and determination, we’ll see better days soon. Many blessings to you and yours.

-The PACE-RI Family