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Are you or a loved one struggling with high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, or maybe even a few of these conditions?  Maybe your loved one has dementia or rheumatoid arthritis?  

Chronic conditions can be debilitating and confusing.  What is the best plan of action?  How can you get help when you can’t get an appointment with a specialist?  PACE-RI would like to help.

PACE-RI is the non-profit health plan for adults 55 and older who have complex or chronic health needs and wish to remain living at home.  Founded in 2005, PACE-RI provides both insurance and medical care, as well as a range of health and social services.   That include adult day care, transportation, and meals at centers in East Providence, Woonsocket, Westerly and Newport. 

We take a comprehensive approach to well-being and coordinate your care.  We understand the relationship between your body and mind, between food and good health, and between loneliness and depression.  We understand that getting access to doctors when you need them is important too.

Our caregivers work on an interdisciplinary team that is focused on communication and coordinated care for each participant. We serve participants from nearly every RI community and provide transportation to our centers in Newport, Westerly, Woonsocket and East Providence. You’ll find primary care, physical/occupational therapy, nutrition and behavioral health services all under one roof.  

While you’re here at our health center, you might want to partake in some social activities.  We offer arts & crafts, exercise classes and BINGO among other offerings.  We will also give you a light breakfast and give you a delicious, chef prepared lunch too.  

Our participants don’t need to worry about prescription costs or durable medical equipment costs.  If your doctor orders it, there is no cost to you.  We’ll even deliver prescriptions directly to your home.  Laboratory work and x-rays are also included in your plan with no cost share.

Should you need to see a specialist, there’s no need to worry or to waste time on the phone.  We will book your appointment, we’ll give you a ride to and from the doctor’s office and we’ll coordinate any follow-up recommendations.  All costs are covered under the terms of your PACE health plan.

The PACE model of care works.  Research shows that our holistic approach to chronic illnesses and medically complex participants is effective.  In fact, PACE participants stay out of nursing homes an average of four years as compared to their counterparts living independently in the general community with the same diagnoses and condition.

Would you like to learn more about how PACE-RI helps adults with chronic conditions like yours?  Call (401) 654-4176 to learn more or to schedule a tour.  We look forward to meeting you.