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Humans are social.  It’s in our nature.  Think of some of your happiest days…..was it in the classroom as a child?  At a holiday dinner with your family?  Or maybe taking a vacation with a group of friends?  Time together can bring happiness and joy. 

As we age, children grow.  They leave the house.  Friends move away and some may pass on.  Social interactions become less frequent.  Isolation can lead to depression and acceleration of dementia.  PACE is here to help.

As a participant in PACE you may participate in our day center.  Whether you visit Westerly, Woonsocket, East Providence or Newport, you’ll have the opportunity to partake in a wide variety of programming, based on your interests.  

Each day center has a different range of activities that are created to meet participants needs, interests and abilities.  While poker might be a favorite activity in East Providence, art classes might appeal more to the participants in Newport.  Westerly offers a chess club and Woonsocket holds chair yoga classes.  And everyone enjoys a competitive game of BINGO.  The opportunities to stretch your physical, mental and artistic strengths are plentiful.  

Regular classes are also supplemented by guest instructors, demonstrations, and occasional field trips.

Baby farm animals are always popular visitors.  Some people enjoy a local guitar player who sings old time favorites.  There’s even a reptile wrangler who makes visits with slithering snakes on occasion.

Some of our participants want to try something new.  Maybe you’d like to learn how to knit or try a new recipe?   Our instructors have all of the materials, expertise and energy to help you learn a new skill.  

Each of these activities is optional but everyone is encouraged to participate.  Playing along builds friendships, teamwork and encourages mental stimulation.  If you’ve been used to being alone and also need some quiet time, we offer quiet spaces for reflection or to decompress.   Just like exercise, however, you’ll find that the more that you participate, the more that you’ll enjoy social activities because of the positive stimulation you’ll receive.

When participants are looking to get some fresh air, field trips are also offered on occasion.  Depending on the month and your location, you can go to a local discount store, walk to a nearby park, visit a cider mill, pick flowers at a farm or watch a live theatrical production.  We will provide the transportation and accompany you to provide assistance, if you need it.

Food, friends and fun times are all hallmarks of PACE-RI.  Call (401) 654-4176 to schedule a visit and learn more about how we keep adults 55 and older with complex or chronic health needs and remain happy, healthy and living at home.