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There are many age-related health problems that can make it difficult for seniors to maintain their independence. If you know someone who might need help with rehabilitation needs, our team offers comprehensive physical, occupational, speech, and massage therapy services.

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What are In-Home Rehabilitation Services?

In-home rehabilitation services are a type of medical care that help people with certain health conditions such as injury, and progressing health issues to regain their ability to live independently. These services typically involve the individual’s regular doctor visits and can include exercises, therapy sessions, and medication.

The in-home rehabilitation services advantages include: 

  • Improved quality of life for the individual
  • Reduced reliance on medication or other treatments
  • Easier access to care for the individual and their family
  • Reduced costs for the individual and the family

How does In-Home Rehabilitation Services help the elder or senior?

In-home rehabilitation services help seniors who are no longer able to live independently. The rehabilitation team will help the senior with caregiver education, durable/adaptive medical equipment, group exercise classes, bathing, dressing, etc. They may also provide assistance with transportation, and other necessary tasks. Plus, it can be helpful in many ways such as reduced dependence on others, Improved quality of life, and minimized medical costs.

The Important Benefits of In-Home Rehabilitation Service

There are many benefits to providing an in-home rehabilitation service for those with mobility issues. Not only can this be a cost-effective option, but it also allows individuals to remain in their own homes, which can be a major perk. 

  • Convenience – There is no coordinating of rides or travel time required. It also isn’t necessary to wait for your appointment.
  • Energy saving – When you are ill, disabled, or recovering from surgery, the last thing you want is to spend your energy getting up/down stairs or in/out of the car. In-home therapy allows patients to save their energy for other aspects of life.
  • Fully functional – Not only is the therapist teaching the patient new techniques, but he or she is also doing it in the patient’s home – a completely realistic, practical environment.
  • Encouraging & supportive – The familiarity of the same therapist is comforting to patients, and the partnership formed offers a unique type of support.

Summing Up

Rehab services will offer the opportunity to remain independent or to become more functionally independent in the community. If you’re looking for a professional to help your loved one, feel free to get in touch with our team