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About PACE

PACE stands for the Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly.  The PACE model of care can be traced to the early 1970s, when the Chinatown-North Beach community of San Francisco saw the pressing needs for long-term care services by families whose elders had immigrated from Italy, China, and the Philippines. Community and public health leaders formed a nonprofit corporation to create a community-based system of care. 

PACE is a health plan designed for older adults who are still able to live at home but need daily care.  Many PACE participants have cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia.  Other participants may have different challenges like diabetes, depression, anxiety or other diagnoses.  In fact, most PACE participants have multiple health issues that are addressed daily by their PACE care team.

Here in Rhode Island, the non-profit program was established in 2005 in Providence.  We are both an insurer and provider of care with a mission of helping local elders live safely at home, stay out of the hospital and nursing home, and reduce strain for their caregivers.  Over the years, we have grown to meet statewide community need and now have centers in East Providence, Westerly, Woonsocket and Newport.  

Who is eligible for PACE?

Medical eligibility for PACE is determined by the state’s interdisciplinary assessment process.  The evaluation explores medical challenges, physical and mental impairments, health risks associated with aging, current health status and service needs.  

What factors determine eligibility for PACE-RI?

There are several preliminary questions that you can ask yourself to see if you may qualify for PACE-RI:

  • Are you age 55 or older?
  • Do you live in Rhode Island?
  • Do you need assistance with any activities of daily living such as
    • Bathing or showering
    • Using the restroom
    • Getting in or out of a bed or chair
    • Taking the right medication at the right time
    • Combing your hair, trimming your nails or brushing your teeth
    • Preparing, eating it or cleaning up from your meals?

If you answered “yes” to  the questions above, PACE may be able to offer you the supports you need to remain living in your home.  

What comes next?

There are four steps to determining eligibility for the PACE program.

  1. Call (401) 654-4176 to speak with an enrollment specialist who will review basic eligibility guidelines. 
  2. Meet with one of our enrollment associates in your home. They’ll ask you some additional questions to ensure you’re safe to live independently and to determine some of the supports you may need if you become a PACE participant. They’ll also help you complete a state application and ask for your written permission to move forward with the process. 
  3. Agree to a medical assessment.  One of our medical providers will come to your home to assess your medical needs.
  4. Submit your information to the Rhode Island Department of Human Services for review.  Our enrollment specialist will help you prepare and submit the necessary information, including the results of your medical evaluation.  The state will determine whether you qualify for PACE and if you’ll have a cost to participate in the program.

How long after I sign up will I become a PACE participant?

Once your assessment and paperwork have been submitted, the Department of Human Services will determine if PACE will be a good fit for you at this time. It typically takes between 30 and 90 days for them to review materials. Individuals who are approved by DHS can begin PACE on the first day of the following calendar month.

What will being a PACE participant mean to me?

Because we tailor care to meet individual needs, the PACE experience will be different for each participant and will be suited specifically to your needs.  Ongoing assessments will determine your medical requirements.  We look at care holistically so you may benefit from day center visits, home care, home modifications or assistance with errands while other participants may not have a medical need for such services.   

Every PACE participant will receive prescriptions delivered to their door, care management by an interdisciplinary team of medical and behavioral health experts, and transportation to medical appointments.  

Call (401) 654-4176 today to begin the eligibility process.   We look forward to partnering with you to help keep you safe, healthy and living independently.